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Four Jar: Boxing Day...

Four Jar: Boxing Day Essentials

Price £12.99

Filled with Mrs Bridges Christmas necessities, these four jar jute bags hold all you need this Christmas. 


  • 230g Sweet Onion Relish
  • 225g Sticky Tomato Relish with Cayenne Pepper
  • 180g Blue Stilton Dressing
  • 200g Mustard with ...
Four Jar: Breakfast Collection

Four Jar: Breakfast Collection

Price £6.89

A selection of Mrs Bridges favourite marmalades. 


  • Fine Cut Orange Marmalade 113g,
  • Marmalade with Ginger 113g,
  • Pink Grapefruit Marmalade 113g,
  • Lemon & Lime Marmalade 113g.

Net Weight: 452g

Four Jar: Celebration...

Four Jar: Celebration Collection

Price £7.99

A selection of Mrs Bridges favourites. Perfect for any celebration.  


  • Strawberry & Champagne Preserve 113g,
  • Celebration Marmalade with Champagne 113g,
  • Orange Marmalade with Whisky 113g,
  • Port Wine Jelly 113g
Four Jar: Chutney Collection

Four Jar: Chutney Collection

Price £7.99

A selection of Mrs Bridges favourites chutneys. 


  • Pear, Apple & Ginger Chutney 100g,
  • Ginger & Chilli Chutney 100g,
  • Sun Dried Tomato & Balsamic Chutney 100g,
  • Beetroot & Orange Chutney 100g.
Four Jar: Ginger Collection

Four Jar: Ginger Collection

Price £7.99

A selection of Mrs Bridges favourites, with added ginger!


  • Ginger Preserve 113g,
  • Orange Marmalade with Ginger 113g,
  • Pineapple & Ginger Preserve 113g,
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve 113g
Four Jar: Preserve Collection

Four Jar: Preserve Collection

Price £7.69

A selection of Mrs Bridges favourite preserves. 


  • Raspberry & Redcurrant 113g,
  • Four Berry Preserve 113g,
  • Apricot & Peach Preserve 113g,
  • Scottish Strawberry Preserve 113g,
Fudge and Mini Gift Pack

Fudge and Mini Gift Pack

Price £6.99

The finest assortment of fudge boxes and mini jars, the ideal present from the Mrs Bridges all year round line. 


  • Clotted Cream Fudge Box 170g,
  • Scottish Strawberry Preserve 42g,
  • Lemon Curd 42g, Blackcurrant
  • Preserve 42g.
Large Jute Bag: Best of...

Large Jute Bag: Best of Bridges

Price £21.99

A selection of Bridges products perfect for the Christmas table or as a gift. 


  • 340g Fine cut orange marmalade
  • 340g Strawberry and champagne
  • 230g Sweet Onion Relish
  • 230g Sweet Beetroot Relish
  • 160g Shortbread 

Net ...

Mini Gift Pack: Breakfast...

Mini Gift Pack: Breakfast Collection

Price £5.49

A selection of best selling, all year round gift packs. 


  • Fine Cut Orange Marmalade 42g,
  • Orange Marmalade with Ginger 42g,
  • Pink Grapefruit Marmalade 42g,
  • Celebration Marmalade with Champange 42g,
  • Scottish Raspberry Preserve ...
Mini Gift Pack: Preserve...

Mini Gift Pack: Preserve Collection

Price £5.59

A selection of best selling, all year round gift packs. 


  • Includes: Raspberry & Redcurrant Preserve 42g,
  • Scottish Strawberry Preserve 42g,
  • Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve 42g,
  • Strawberry & Champagne Preserve 42g,
  • Lemon ...
Six Jar Tasting Set: Best...

Six Jar Tasting Set: Best of Bridges

Price £12.99

Presented in a navy jute bag. Including Four Berry Preserve, Scottish Strawberry Preserve, Lemon & Lime Marmalade, Fine cut Orange Marmalade, Chilli Jam and Red Pepper & Garlic Salsa.

6 x 113g Jars

Tall Jute Bags: Afternoon...

Tall Jute Bags: Afternoon Tea Collection

Price £12.99

A range of classic Mrs Bridges products presented in a natural jute bag. A perfect gift! 


  • Scottish Strawberry Preserve, 340g
  • Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve 340g
  • Four Berry Preserve 340g

Net weight 1.02KG