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52cm Electric Propagator

52cm Electric Propagator

Price £29.99

This electric propagators makes raising your own plants easy. A simple to operate system that gives your seedlings the light, protection and heat that they need for perfect growing conditions. Two ideal sizes for a variety of pots and trays.

  • Clear cover with adjustable ...
Rapid Rootrainers

Rapid Rootrainers

Price £7.99

Stronger Straighter Fibrous roots

Especially good for

  • bedding plants
  • salads
  • herbs
  • dahlias
  • geraniums
  • pansies
  • lobelia
  • antitritium   
Windowsill Propagator Set

Windowsill Propagator Set

Price £4.99


  • 1 x Drip Tray
  • 5 x individual 4 Cell Inserts 
  • 1 x Propagator Lid
  1. Ideal for seeds and cuttings, enables easy plant removal
  2. Integral drip tray avoids water spillage
  3. Shatterproof lid
  4. Made from 100% recycled and ...