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Resolva Pro Weedkiller RTU...

Resolva Pro Weedkiller RTU 1Ltr

Price £6.99

Resolva Pro Weedkiller is a ready to use systemic weedkiller ideal for controlling annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds

Resolva Ready to use...

Resolva Ready to use weedkiller

Price £5.99
Roundup Fast Action Ready...

Roundup Fast Action Ready to use Weed...

Price £16.49
  • Ideal for rapid treatment of weeds on patios, paths, driveways and flower beds
  • For best results use between April and November
  • Ready to use with trigger gun for easy application
  • Working time - 24 hours
  • Coverage=90 m²
Roundup Gel Weedkiller

Roundup Gel Weedkiller

Price £4.99

kills up to a 1,000. weeds
Kills weeds by just touching the foliage.

Roundup Super Concentrate -...

Roundup Super Concentrate - 250 ml

Price £16.49

Makes up to 25 LTR of spray
Kills weeds tough weeds including tree stumps

Roundup Weedkiller...

Roundup Weedkiller Concentrate - 1 LTR

Price £40.99

makes up to 50 LTR of spray

Kills weeds

Roundup weedkiller pump n...

Roundup weedkiller pump n go ready to...

Price £29.99
Roundup® Optima+...

Roundup® Optima+ Concentrate - 210ml

Price £9.99

Roundup Optima+ is ideal for treating weeds in difficult areas, such as beds borders, vegetable patches, flower pots and in hedges. Its systemic weedkiller kills the root so weeds don’t come back.

Weedkiller Pathclear - 12 Tube

Weedkiller Pathclear - 12 Tube

Price £18.99

Covers 240 m2

Weedol Easy-Mix Liquid - 1LTR

Weedol Easy-Mix Liquid - 1LTR

Price £23.99

Unique fast acting agent
Coverage: 1176m2 (1286yds2)
Approved for use on hard surfaces

This unique dual action formulation not only kills weeds and the roots, so they don’t grow back - but is also fast acting, giving you reassurance that it is working. For use all around the ...

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller

Weedol Lawn Weedkiller

Price £15.99

Kills weeds and not your grass Treats upto 667m2

Weedol Pathclear - 18 Tubes

Weedol Pathclear - 18 Tubes

Price £23.99
  • Unique dual action fomulation, kills weeds to the root and prevents new weeds growing for up to 3 months
  • Ideal for paths, drives and patios
  • No measuring or mess - just add water
  • Creates an invisible barrier that prevents new weeds for up to 3 months
  • ...