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Evergreen Handy Spreader

Evergreen Handy Spreader

Price £15.99

A hand held broadcast spreader for applying granular lawn care products and grass seed quickly and evenly. Ideal for use when treating small areas

Evergreen Shady Lawn Seed -...

Evergreen Shady Lawn Seed - 14 sqm

Price £9.49

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Shady Lawn Seed is ideal for creating a new lawn and suitable for overseeding or bare patches. With a unique mix of premium sports grade seed, as used by professionals, it is specially selected to create a fine premium lawn. WaterSmart™ grass technology grows strong ...

Miracle-Gro All Purpose - 1kg

Miracle-Gro All Purpose - 1kg

Price £5.99

This Miracle Gro Slow Release All Purpose 1 kg plant food is ideal for all plants, indoors and outside, whether in pots or containers, hanging baskets, beds, borders or the lawn - grows plants twice as big!

It will grow healthier, more beautiful plants within 2 weeks. Carefully ...

Miracle-Gro All Purpose...

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food -...

Price £5.99

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food features all of the essential nutrients needed for bigger, healthier plants. It will help protect your crops against drought and encourage the development of a stronger root system. Now with 20% extra food inside!

Miracle-Gro Chicken Manure...

Miracle-Gro Chicken Manure - 10kg

Price £14.99
Miracle-Gro Ericaceous...

Miracle-Gro Ericaceous Continuous...

Price £5.99

This Miracle-Gro Slow Release Ericaceous 1kg plant food is continuous release - with better blooms guaranteed!

This With a unique mix of 6 nutrients, with added iron for richer green leaves, is ideal for all acid loving plants. Only one application is needed for the entire season. ...

Miracle-Gro Fast Grass Lawn...

Miracle-Gro Fast Grass Lawn Seed

Price £5.99

Covers approx 16m2

Miracle-Gro Rose and Shrub...

Miracle-Gro Rose and Shrub Plant Food...

Price £5.99

The Miracle-Gro Rose and Shrub Plant Food provide a continuous release of five nutrients to keep your roses and shrubs. One application in early spring will feed the whole growing season.

We recommend you use gloves when gardening. Always read instructions and follow packaging ...

Soluble ericaceous feed - 1kg

Soluble ericaceous feed - 1kg

Price £5.99

Ideal for lime haters such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias,Heathers ,Pieris,
Maples etc.

Soluble Ericaceous Plant...

Soluble Ericaceous Plant Food - 500g

Price £3.99
straight Fertiliser - 1.5kg

straight Fertiliser - 1.5kg

Price £4.49
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